Salons Reopening Soon
It seems that New York will be going to phase 2 of the reopening plan soon, are you ready? Stylists and clients all over New York are anxiously awaiting phase 2 to be implemented.
Final Music Lineup for New York State Fair Announced
From rock to alt rock to rap to pop and more, the final lineup for the New York State Fair is stacked- and has been announced in case you missed it.
With concerts from August 21st through September 2nd, there are ample opportunities to see some live music at the fair...
Window Tint Inspections
Do you have tinted windows on your car ? There most likely illegal, current NYS laws say that windows must let 70% of light in, these are some of the toughest window tinting laws in the country. Now a new proposed bill will make checking windows for tint part of the yearly extortion...
Agree Or Disagree?
According to CNY Central, The NYS Senate passed a controversial bill that would make it a felony to incite violence against a police officer.