If you grew up eating Pizza Hut in the 90s you couldn't escape these ads or this style. So can you get it in New York State?

When it comes to pizza chains Pizza Hut is one of the big dogs in the fight. I'd challenge anyone who doesn't say they lived for that pan pizza in the 80s and 90s. These days it's a little harder to come by that passion for "the hut."

Now, in February of 2023, they've brought back a 90s classic.

That's right friends, the Big New Yorker has returned to Pizza Hut.

Now obviously being from New York we really put this bad boy to the test. While talking to my good friend Charlie from 104.5 The Team we concluded that even bad pizza in New York is still pretty decent pizza.

Here in Upstate we have some pretty great local places, but we all know that nothing compares to a New York slice. I'm talking down in the city. A slice as big as your head. A slice so big one is enough to power you through.

That's where the Big New Yorker came in. While pizza lovers from NYS will probably want to throw the book at me, this version of a NY pie from Pizza Hut is pretty tasty. I remember begging my parents to get one after seeing these infamous commercials featuring Spike Lee.

While the Big New Yorker was $9.99 back in the day, it's now $13.99 according to the Pizza Hut app and website. Is it available everywhere?

According to the official release prices and participation vary, so I was curious if we could get a bite of nostalgia at Capital Region Pizza Hut locations. I found that it is available at several.

Wolf Rd: Available

Google Maps

2nd Ave Troy: Available

Google Maps

Clifton Park: Available

Google Maps

There a a bunch of different Pizza Hut locations around the area, and so far I've found it is available at most. The best way to be sure is to head to their website and check your local spot and find out.

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