Do you need a haircut, styling, or color? What about a manicure or a pedicure—are you ready for that?

It seems that New York will be going to Phase 2 of the reopening plan soon, are you ready? Stylists and clients all over New York are anxiously awaiting Phase 2 to be implemented. It’s been predicted that there will be a lot of changes when salons reopen, so get ready. We found out some of the things that may be different the next time you go into a salon. Here we go:

1. Parking lots will probably be the new waiting area. Stylists will notify the client electronically when it’s time to enter the salon.

2. Many salons will require their clients to sign a waiver form stating they know the risks associated with COVID-19.

3. Once inside, social distancing is a must. There will be limited clientele inside the salon at all times. Some salons are trying to install plastic barriers to ensure social distancing. It also seems that social distancing will take place throughout your entire experience. For example, if you are getting coloring and need to sit under a dryer, you will be at a distance from others.

4. Everyone must wear a mask at all times while in the salon. Most salons will require the clientele to bring their own mask and wear it throughout the entire session.

5. Each salon must provide a clean robe or cape to be used for each client.

6. The salon must be cleaned and sanitized each morning, after each client, and at the end of the day. That means the styling chair, the shampoo bowl, the hairdryer, the brushes and combs all utensils and accessories must be sanitized after each client.

Many of these things you’ll see will be different, but they are also very necessary. Let me know how you make out on your next salon visit and then I’ll decide when it’s time for me to go. I hope you enjoy it and be safe.

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