Ahh, the freedom of driving! Getting in the car and hitting the open road can be one therapeutic adventure, until you leave your driveway. Yes, the thought of taking a daytrip and exploring is exciting and then you see who else thought it was a good idea but they are driving the wrong way on the Northway!

We took to social media to ask you, what are some of the dumbest driving moves you have seen in New York? Your answers did not disappoint.

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Before we scroll through your top responses, I will share my biggest pet peeve, and the inspiration for asking you the question of dumbest driving moves you have seen in New York. This is annoying because it's both kind and dumb.

When you are sitting at a stop sign and the cross street doesn't have a stop sign. The oncoming car stops, when they don’t have have a stop sign, and wave at you to let you go. Stop doing this! Just go as you are supposed to! Would a train stop because you are waiting at a crossing? NO!

Photo by Anwaar Ali on Unsplash
Photo by Anwaar Ali on Unsplash

Before we get to the Dumbest Driving Moves In New York State, here are some honorable mentions.

  • Driving with a woman clinging to the hood of your car
  • Driving a Tesla
  • Wearing a mask while driving alone...still.
  • Bumper to bumper face off in the center turn lane

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