I happened to catch this on Charlamagne's Instagram and I originally thought this was a joke. This picture is not a joke its actually on sale for people to purchase. @Justin_Richburg is the artist who created the piece of work in honor of Black History Month titled the Dice Game.

Dice game🎲🎲 #blackhistorymonth #justinrichburgmadeit Link in bio for print

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As you can see, the picture features several icons in Black History playing in a dice game. The artwork features so many stereotypes it's amazing.

The work features Barack Obama smoking a cigarette while the good Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holds his money out, as Malcolm X rolls dice and Allen Iverson is grabbing money.

Comedian Kevin Hart is in the background holding a red cup of what I assume to be liquor as Billionaire media mogul Oprah smiles standing next to bad girl Rhi Rhi.

Training Day's Denzel Washington watches the dice game as Charlamagne The God watches from a distance with Tupac, Will Smith, and you can't forget the Black Panther in the background.   Michael Jordan's jersey hangs up as LeBron's and Kobe's jersey are on the ground, I'm guessing the artist isn't a fan. This artwork is probably offensive to most black people because it is taking iconic figures and putting them at a hood dice game. Like these people don't have anything better to do than shoot dice and drink Henny.

II don't think the artist meant any malice, some people live the stereotypes. Even if no one in this picture would really participate in a hood dice game, especially Oprah Winfrey. The artist who is black felt the illustration was appropriate because they are all black and black people like the things featured in the illustration. Some people in society who aren't black would assume they would participate or appreciate something like this simply because they are black. This is the problem with stereotypes and racism, in general, they apply to you regardless of what you do in life because of your skin color.

Do you think this artwork is offensive?

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