Much of the world is covered in tattoos so why would having a tattoo prevent you from getting certain jobs? If you have ink and have thoughts of being a Forest Ranger or Conservation Police Officer, you might not be allowed to attend the academy.

The Department of Environmental Conservation announced that they will hold academies for it's newest classes beginning in May of 2022. According to New York Upstate, if you have tattoos you will have to cover them or you would be disqualified for these positions.

In the 'Frequently asked questions' section of the DEC website the question is asked "I have a tattoo. Will that effect my chances of being hired? tattoos. Here is the answer given:

  • Currently, tattoos must comply with our Division of Law Enforcement's (DLE) policy which states that they cannot be visible while a member is in uniform. The uniform consists of a short sleeve shirt open at the front of the neck and in warmer weather, shorts.

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If you are interested and able to 'cover up' here are some of the other requirements/qualifications that are ahead of you:

  • 6 month training academe
  • Civil Service exam
  • Recruits will be selected from an eligible list of qualifications and passing scores
  • Must either possess a bachelor's or higher level degree including or supplemented by 30 semester credit hours in environmental science OR
  • 2 years of active United States military service with an honorable discharge

For a complete list of qualifications and requirements click HERE.

Tattoo You

Will your tattoo prevent you from getting the job you want?

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