Don’t be surprised if you see more skirts and flip flops than usual this afternoon. Today’s temperature could reach 90 degrees! Better than snow, right? The record high was set in 2002 at 89 degrees. I have a feeling lines will be long at ice cream shops around the area today. Here are other great ways to keep cool.

Some of the easy, natural ways to beat the heat:

• Wet your wrist and pressure points with cold water or a piece of ice wrapped in paper towel. Constantly cooling the wrist will help cool the body.

• This isn’t the easiest to pull off at work but at home it’s easy. If you’re wearing a short sleeve shirt, use a squirt bottle or sink to wet your sleeves. This combined with the breeze will give you the chill you desire.

• Drink water even if you’re not thirsty. You have to replace the water your body is sweating out (sexy, right?).

• This one sucks but it works. Eat less. Smaller meals with less protein will reduce your body heat. Salads and sandwiches are your best bet if you don’t want to break a sweat on your lunch break.

• Shout out to the hippies, they got this one right. Go barefoot! Going barefoot will allow the heat that usually sits in your shoes to be released. In exchange your body will feel cooler.

• Keep the freezer stocked! Suck on an ice pop or two or ten and you should be good to go.

• Don’t have A/C at your pad? Be a mooch! Take a trip to your local mall, library, movie theatre or anywhere else that pays their bills.

Considering it’s only half way through April and we’re already talking Summer, you might want to hang on to this article for future consideration. Especially because it looks like we’re back to reality tomorrow with a high of 68 degrees. Regardless, enjoy the high temperatures today!