Are you sick and tired of people stealing your lunch out of the office fridge?  Me too.  I brought a delicious left-over lunch yesterday.  Some grilled chicken and homemade mac 'n cheese.  I was clock watching all morning, waiting for the right moment to dive in to my delectable spread.

I decided to eat early, a little before 12 noon.  I opened the kitchen fridge and my lunch had vanished.  Is my lunch a magician, I asked myself?  Maybe it grew legs and was hiding from my hungry jaw.  No... somebody ganked it. 

I thought about sending an all staff e-mail, I thought about hanging a "lost" poster, I even thought about lining up the entire building to smell each staff member's breath.  Instead, I decided I will put clever notes on my lunch every day.  Hopefully I'll gross out my colleagues to the point where they'll drive the staggering 3 minutes to the closest dollar menu.