If you study the right subjects, know the right people and are good enough at what you do, you can make a healthy living just predicting what you think others will do. Such is the charmed life of those who work at Wedbush Securities, which has peaked into the crystal ball and forecasted Grand Theft Auto V hitting shelves in October.

According to Wedbrush, we have the irritating news that Bioshock Infinite got pushed back to 2013 to thank for a possible earlier-than-expected GTAV release.

Wedbrush doesn’t stop there in its educated guesswork. The firm is even predicting the date that Take-Two Interactive Software, parent of GTA geniuses Rockstar Games, will announce the game’s release date. Their crystal ball says the announcement could come around May 22.

An October release for Grand Theft Auto V would make sense, given that Rockstar seems to love that month for GTA coming-out parties. Although, it’s important to remember that Grand Theft Auto IV came out in April, after it was bumped back from a planned October 2007 drop.

If you haven’t seen the trailer for Grand Theft Auto V yet, check it out here. If you have, watch it again, because you’ve probably got nothing better to do.

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