Popular video games have been adapted for the big screen for years now. It’s a trend that isn’t going anywhere any time soon, with popular titles like Assassins Creed and Uncharted rumored to be getting the big screen treatment in the near future. Games like Prince of Persia, Super Mario Brothers, Doom and Resident Evil were mostly well received (maybe not Super Mario Brothers) with fans, but were considered flops according to critics and box office numbers. So how do you think the latest crossover, Need for Speed, will do?

The racing franchise has attacked illegal street racing from multiple different angles, with “drifting” and “hot pursuit” focused games, just to name a few. The games are more focused on high speed action than storyline, so it should be interesting to see how everything translates to the big screen. The plot follows Tobey Marshall, who sets to race cross-country to get revenge on his longtime friend and partner after being released from prison.

The movie stars Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul as Marshall. Michael Keaton and Hip Hop star, Kid Cudi, co-star in the film. It’s set to hit theaters in Spring of 2014. Check out the trailer below.


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