NBA 2k14 was released on Tuesday and is receiving great reviews from critics. Gamers, on the other hand, have been hot and cold with their opinions about this year’s offering. New features like “Path to Greatness”, featuring LeBron James, have been added while favorites like MYplayer make their return. This year’s game also adds extra flair with the addition of Euro-league teams, but popular squads from year’s past have been left out.

If you enjoyed blocking Justin Bieber and Pauly D’s jump shots as much as I did in 2K13, prepare for disappointment. Although it’s been a staple in the game for years, there is NO Celeb Team in 2K14. In addition, the Dream Team and Team USA are no longer included. These squads could end up being downloadable content down the road, but there hasn’t been any mention of such a possibility by 2K.

As mentioned earlier, the game does have some new teams – most notable from the Euro-league. Each of those teams will feature 10 players from their real-life roster.

If you’re nostalgic self is pissed about the Dream Team being left off, don’t fret. There’s an azz load of classic teams to choose from, 34, in fact. Here’s the full list:

64-65 Celtics

64-65 Lakers

70-71 Bucks (minus Kareem Abdul-Jabbar)

70-71 Lakers

70-71 Hawks

71-72 Lakers

71-72 Knicks

76-77 76ers

84-85 76ers

84-85 76ers (minus Dr. J)

84-85 Bucks

85-86 Bulls

85-86 Celtics

85-86 Hawks

86-87 Lakers (minus Kareem)

88-89 Pistons

88-89 Bulls

89-90 Cavaliers

90-91 Bulls

90-91 Lakers

90-91 Trail Blazers

90-91 Warriors

92-93 Bulls

92-93 Hornets (Charlotte)

93-94 Rockets

93-94 Nuggets

94-95 Knicks

94-95 Magic

95-96 Bulls

95-96 Super Sonics

97-98 Bulls

97-98 Jazz

97-98 Lakers

97-98 Spurs

00-01 76ers


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