The next generation of gaming consoles is on the horizon. Both Xbox and Playstation will be releasing their new game systems in the near future. I’m not a huge gamer, but I enjoy the crap out of picking up the sticks whenever I have free time. After hearing and seeing some of the advancements the new consoles will offer, I might have to MAKE time.

The Playstation 4 doesn’t have a firm release date yet, but it’s sure to please fans once it hits shelves. Some new features include a share button, cloud and social gaming features. It will also debut a brand new controller that is still similar to what Playstation fans have grown up with. The retail price upon release will be $400.

The new console from Microsoft will be called the Xbox One. It’s scheduled to be released in November and will sell for $500. The console will feature a “smaller and sleeker” design and multimedia functions like voice-control and motion-sensors.

A ton of games have already been announced for both systems, but I’m most excited about this year’s NBA 2K14. The game is the most realistic simulation of a sports experience in gaming (just my opinion, of course). A new teaser for the next-gen version has been released featuring LeBron James having a conversation with his digital self. The graphics look INCREDIBLE. Start pinching pennies and stock up your piggy bank now. WANT! NEED! NOW! The game is scheduled to be released in October.

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