Listen up! I can not! I don't want!!! And WILL NOT join your Candy Crush CULT people!!

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Ok, ok, don't take that the wrong way, just wanted to grab your attention. I mean no hate and I mean no harm BUT! As of lately, I have had like thousands upon thousand of Candy Crush invites ..... STOP TEMPTING ME!!! Just stop the insanity!

Do you remember Tetris? Do ya ?? Do ya?  Huh? Huh?? Well, I lost a lot of sleep playing that game back in the dark ages! And Angry Birds....yeah, I said I'd never play that, and yep, I joined that cult also BUT, I will not give in this time!

I have no idea what the premise of the game is but know it is colorful, it catches my eye and is probably something I would get addicted to just like the rest of you crazies. My bff and her mom, especially her mom! (Shouts to my home girl Trish the Dish and Mama V!) are hooked!

You CC people are so addicted that you hold hour long conversations about this god dam game!! Trust me, I also bartend, and I have heard this crazy gaming talk at the bar. And of course, I am half listening because let truth be known, I want to play the stinkin game!!

BUT I WON'T JOIN! I have an addictive personality and am an extremist, so last thing I need is to be staring at Candy Crush all day long folks! Sorry. Hope I can stay strong and keep up the fight with all of these tempting invites I get daily on the regular!!

JUST SAY NO! ( I am sure Pac Man is giggling somewhere in someone's attic)


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