The Empire state has been governed by Andrew Cuomo for quite some time, he wishes to remain governor for an added term.

In 2010 Governor Andrew Cuomo ran against Carl Paladino and won. He took over 60% of the votes to become govenor. In fact, he took all but 13 of the counties en route to the position. In 2014, he didn't have as much support, at least county wise. He ran against Republican Rob Astorino. In that election, he still garnered enough votes to keep him in office for a second term. 2018 rolled around and Marc Molinaro challenged him, coming out the victor yet again was Andrew Cuomo.

So in 2022, our sitting governor wishes to seek a rare 4th term says News Channel 13. Rare because only 2 Governors have been able to accomplish that. Nelson Rockefeller was a four term Governor and George Clinton was elected to 7 terms.

Can Andrew Cuomo do what his father could not and win a 4th term?

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