Wendy Williams will be taking another break from her daytime talk show "The Wendy Williams Show." She tells her audience that it was a pre-planned break and they will be returning April 8th. This news is all after Wendy Williams husband alleged side mistress gave birth to a baby girl March 4 or early morning of March 5, following a leaked photo of her husband of 25 years Kevin, on vacation with his mistress Sharina Hudson AKA Nikki. Reported from E News, the daytime talk show host signed herself out of the Sober House, where she had been staying for quite some time dealing with past drug abuse, disappeared for hours. She was later founded drunk  and had to be hospitalized. At the hospital Wendy was giving a banana bag or a yellow IV that contains vitamins and minerals that's supposed to help sober people up.

Anonymous source tells the Daily Mail, "She was in a bad way and disappeared from the studio after her show Monday. She went back to the Sober House only to check herself out and decided to start drinking."

With all that's going on in her personal life Wendy Williams was still able to show up Tuesday morning for her talk show per usual.

“She did look frail she was being held around the stage by her bodyguard but she really seemed to be putting on a brave face” an audience member tells E news.

In my opinion, I don't think that I could sit and watch one of my favorite talk show host sit in her purple throne chair for much longer until she herself tell her story like she tells everybody else's. I do respect people's private lives is their private lives at the same time I don't understand how you can openly judge and make a living on everybody else's private life but do not address yours as it is all over the tabloids.

E News reporters caught Wendy and her husband entering the studio with her wedding ring. When a reporter asked about Wendy allegedly leaving her husband, her husband Kevin tells the reporter to “Mind your business.” No DNA test has been done to confirm that Kevin Hunter aka “Kelvin Hudson,” a name that Wendy’s  husband also goes by, told my Breakfast Clubs own Charlemagne Tha God. He seems to have been the one that introduce the alleged mistress 10 years ago, but don’t take responsible for Kevin’s infidelity. Wendy made a career off of expressing her opinion on others, and gave many wanted and unwanted advice, ill pray one day she take her own. Until then I pray for her and strength though her sorority.

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