It seems like everyone's favorite Hip-Hop cinderella Cardi B have bit off a little more then she can chew with a 3 year old video resurfacing. In this video Cardi B admits to drugging and robbing men in the past when she was a stripper to survive and support herself. It's quite a coincidence that after the Bronx rapper has reportedly decided to sue YouTube blogger Tasha K from “unwine with Tasha K” and her alleged ex-roommate Star Marie Jones for defamation of character and slander this video all of sudden resurfaced.

Now let me give you a little history lesson, last year in 2018 Star Marie video went viral after discussing her alleged relationship with Cardi B in the past on her live. Marie describes Cardi B as a mean, racist, disgusting person inquiring she participated in prostitution, drugs use and was affected with herpes, according to Holloywood Unlocked. Many later found this alleged ex-roommate to be just clout chasing when past tweets from her popped up showing support of Cardi B, acquiring that she would like to meet Cardi B (how she was your ex roommate but yet you would like to meet her?) and even saying she will be a ghost writer for Cardi B, because Star Jones is also an aspiring rapper herself. September 19th Star Jones was featured on Tasha's K YouTube podcast "unwine with Tasha K"  where she re-told her alleged relationship with Cardi B.

Reported from Daytime Tea Time,Cardi B is suing for defamation of character and slander which holds a average of $75,000 in costs, she's also requesting videos to be removed and she would like to take all this to trial. In my opinion I don't believe that the defamation of character would hold in court due to the fact there are videos of Cardi B speaking of actions that by definition is prostitution. She has been openly vocal on receiving gifts and money for exchange of sexual favors as in the hit song "Motorsport" where she quotes, "F*** him and get some money." I don't think it's fair to be sued for allegedly putting out something about a person character and which a person displays themselves to be.  Now in the case of slander and her having a STD she may win if she does not have herpes.

Cardi B recently has made a statement about her trending #survivingcardib she does take full responsibility in her past and states she is trying to become a better her for herself, her family, and her future, says TMZ. On another instagram live the Grammy winner says

"I'm a rapper, I'm a b**** that came from the streets into the industry, I'm not a Disney Channel star, I wasn't a nun, I'm not a saint, I'm a good-hearted person but I done did some f*** up s***, ... you don't have to tell my story because I'm going to write a book."

Look like her hubby Offset, from the Migos support her and have her back 100% with him posting a picture on Instagram of the two looking very much happy and in love commenting "Best mother and Hustler I know." I dont know about you, but i would be pre-ordering that Cardi B book OKUURR! as well as looking forward to her staring in her first new movie "Hustlers" beside the one and only Jennifer Lopez, Jenny from the block.

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