It's been five years since the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox were accused of cheating by Major League Baseball.

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred / Getty Images
MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred / Getty Images

The year was 2017, to be exact, when both teams were the subject of a news release from MLB commissioner, Rob Manfred. In the release, the Yankees were accused of improperly using a dugout phone during game play, while the Red Sox were accused of illegally using Apple Watch technology while in the dugout.

The parties were reprimanded, everyone took their shots across the bows of each team, and it seemed as though we had moved on. Five years later, however, and more dirt is about to be dug up.

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A Letter Detailing Yankees' Cheating is About to Be Released

In an article penned by ESPN, it's asserted that a letter detailing cheating that happened in the Yankees' organization will be released to the public soon. While it will not be released for "at least" two weeks, it will be released sometime following that.

The letter was part of lawsuit filed against Major League Baseball, citing the ramifications of cheating on daily fantasy sports.

New York Yankees v Washington Nationals
Yankees' General Manager Brian Cashman / Getty Images

Here's the catch: the news release sent out by Commissioner Manfred, and the letter that will be released to the public, are two separate documents. If the news release isn't as accurate, or in-depth, as the letter with the full findings of the investigation into the Yankees' cheating, then Manfred and Major League Baseball have a major problem on their hands.

The Ramifications of Cheating on Daily Fantasy Sports

Here is where daily fantasy sports come into play. In sports wagering, all is supposed to be fair. Every team in a given league is supposed to be playing under the same rules, and with no "edge" over another team. Every win, loss or draw is supposed to be earned fairly, so that that gamblers don't feel as though they're being cheated.

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Betting slips from MLB wagers / Getty Images

There is a chance, however, that Rob Manfred was not completely truthful in the information that was released by the league. If it's discovered that Manfred covered up details of the Yankees' cheating, then the MLB commissioner will be facing some serious trouble from this pending lawsuit.

So, while the letter may reveal certain truths about the New York Yankees and their actions in 2017, there is a lot more at stake for the MLB as a whole, if and when this information finally becomes public.

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