One Upstate New York woman feels Kellog's is cutting people short when it comes to their Whole Wheat Strawberry Pop-Tarts.

How Can You Sue Pop-Tarts Over Filling?

Maybe like me your first thought when you saw this was "What?!?" I mean, a $5 million dollar lawsuit seems a little much to be suing Pop-Tarts for. But, that said ya never know the truth until you really get into the details of a trial like this. I mean, maybe $5 million dollars in damages is warranted? Probably not based on the merits of this case.

$5 Million Dollar Suit over "Not Enough Strawberries"

Yes. Pop-Tarts is being sued by a Dutchess County woman for $5 Million because there were not enough strawberries in their filling, according to Patch. The class-action suit is claiming the Pop-Tarts are misleading because the filling contains fewer strawberries than indicated on the ingredients.

Patch says Elizabeth Russet, who is filing the suit for herself and others, says she loves strawberries and basically feels the ingredients are not truthful because the strawberry filling has other fruits contributing to the flavor. Lawyers on the case told Patch it is ultimately about "truthful labeling" and if people want the nutritional value of strawberries, that is what they should get.

First, I never knew real strawberries are in Pop-Tart filling or any real anything. Or that they had any nutritional value for that matter! I always assumed it was a mass of sugar and artificial flavors bringing that tasty goodness. The same level of sugar that makes my kids go crazy when they eat them. I tell ya what, if anyone should be suing Pop-Tarts it should be parents trying to wrangle their children who eat them!

Ultimately, doesn't it feel like this case will be settled out of court for some free Pop-Tarts? This feels like that episode of Seinfeld where Kramer tries to sue a coffee chain for the coffee burning him, but he ends up settling for free lifetime coffee!

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