R&B legend R.Kelly is currently being held in solitary confinement at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City. R.Kelly, who's real name is Robert Kelly, is facing multiple charges across states including sex trafficking, sexual abuse and child pornography, has been emotionally distraught over the federal cases. He hasn’t been able to work on any music, watch TV, read books or listen to the radio as he awaits is faith, already being denied bond in New York City courts and Chicago, reported from BET News. On Sept. 12, He's scheduled to be arraigned in Minneapolis on child prostitution charges, via USA Today. Prosecutors asked the Judge Flood to increase bond requirements for Kelly but that decision well be made Sept. 17 at Kelly's hearing.

Allegedly Robert and his team is trying to hire Heavy Hitter lawyer, Tom Mersereau. His mostly famous for acquitting Michael Jackson in his 2005, child molestation case and acquitting Robert Blake of murdering his wife. You can imagine whats a heavy hitter like Tom Mersereau would cost. Millions ! The pied piper has asked for some "anonymous" friends to help him out fans has also reached out to help. According to TMZ, the catch is Robert Kelly would have to fire his current lawyer Steven Greenberg before any money comes in. When asked about the whole situation Greenberg replied, "thats a lot of crap."

If you asked me this is all "a load of crap" and R. Kelly needs to do this time, just as he did his crime. There are thousands, millions of R. Kellys out there and just as many victims in America. We as the people has to come together and show whats not right and money fame power does not mean you can break the law. #metoomovement

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