According to CBS Los Angeles, LAPD and Wildlife warden gave producer Mally Mal a surprise home visit, April 3rd. Police had a search warrant for Mally Mal  home in connection with an investigation in human trafficking and trafficking of exotic animals. There is a video from TMZ  of Mally Mal being detained by LAPD SWAT,  walking out of his mansion  with his hands up,  followed by a unidentified woman. The Hip-Hop rapper/producer post on Instagram photos of him and exotic animals, one being a African serval cat and another with a spider monkey. Police started the exotic animal investigation about 8-9 months ago, so far the seized an illegal monkey.

LAPD did not comment on the allegations of human trafficking. Sources tell TMZ back in January Mally Mal flew out a fitness model from Texas to LA. The women claims that Mally drugged, raped, then locked her in a room. She filed a police report with the LAPD, the former Love and HipHop cast Mally Mal claims that the woman is trying to extort him and everything was consensual, LAPD report that more women have came forward. This investigation is still on going.

Mally Mal is the ex-boyfriend of Love & Hip Hop socialite Nikki baby and Masika who  currently has a daughter by rapper Fetty Wap. Mally Mal also worked with superstars such as Swae LeeWiz Khalifa, French Montana, and Jay-Z just to name a few.


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