Ex-NFL player Ceirre Wood, 28 is facing child abuse, neglect and now murder charges! for 5 year old Larayah Davis. According to Fox 5 News in Las Vegas, The 5 year old died from a laceration in her liver after a "extreme" workout. Wood would force the young girl to participate in these workouts when she misbehaved. Reported through TMZ, Davis was force to complete unbearable workouts, completely unfit for her age such as; sprints through the apartment, wall squats, push-ups and sit-ups. On the day of her death April 9, allegedly Larayah was misbehaving, Wood order her to do sit-ups, which he called "learning though fun." Wood described the 5 year old, as "chunky" and when she wasn't able to complete the second set of sit-ups, she flail backward hitting her head on the floor. News 3 Las Vegas, says when police arrived to the ex-player home, which he shared with the young girl mother Amy Taylor, 25 Larayah was unresponsive. She was taken to Summerlin Hospital Medical Center where she later died that night. Autopsy report from Fox 5 says, the 5 year old had bruising on her torso, legs, and abdomen, as well as a past history of fractured ribs, and multiple concussions to the skull. The mother, Amy Taylor admits she would sit on her 5 year old daughter chest and stomach as a punishment for misbehaving.

During his football career Cierre Wood balanced around from team to team. Read from NBC News, The 28 year old, ran 2,500 yards in the University of Notre Dame, 3 games with  the Houston Texans in 2013, two games with the Buffalo Bills in 2015 and 4 years in the Canadian Football League before tearing his ACL in 2017. Larayah father, Danaun Davis came eye to eye with his daughters killer Thursday morning, when Wood was set to see a judge. He tells Fox news reporter, he just spoke to his daughter the night before confirming he would see he again in 2 weeks, Mr.Davis lives in California and has been split from Amy Taylor for about 3 years. Allegedly he was fighting for full custody of his daughter, Davis also tells reporters the last few months Larayah has not been wanting to go back home and she tried to warn him, "I'm sorry i didn't listen!" He cry's out to cameras. The Davis family describes Larayah as a fun,loving young girl that didn't have behavioral issues, she was much loved by everyone. Both Wood and Taylor are charged with child abuse, neglect and murder they're currently being held without bail, next time they would be in front of a judge is May 21. Mr.Davis is hoping for the death plenty.


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