Ok, so I am in the RnB mood again today Cap Region - but not as bubbly and cute as the Shanice video I posted yesterday! More like sassy, bad ass, biatch mode like Missy Elliot and the girls of Total!

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Remember Total ? What the hell happened to them? Where did they disappear to?? Kima, Keisha, Pam where rrrrrr uuuuuuu???

These girls were bad ass and could sing their rears off!! With jams like Kissing You, Noone Else, Can't You See... the list just goes on and on, and bam, they be gone! Ghost!! Peace! Outty 5000!

Yup, we are flashing it back to 1998 with the very smooth and seductive single Trippin' featuring a very young Missy Elliot ..... no more time to talk! Your Welcome!