Thank the happy heavens and kiss the ground you are walking on my little sunshines!!  It's Friday !! And why not take it back musically and make it a Flashback Friday with the one and only Ms. Alicia Keys!

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"Songs in A Minor" was Alicia Key's debut album back in 2001 and man, oh man, did she catch our attention with her powerful and beautiful voice, kick-ass attitude, and piano playing expertise.

This song jumped into my head the other day, and it gave me memories of blaring this whole album in my car as I commuted to and from Saint Rose from Schenectady on a daily basis. Being the boy crazy gal that I was and still am, I probably was also going through some kinds of nonsense with a guy at the time, so I am sure that is why I had this song on repeat. OH , and how could I forget, the song is actually a Prince song, that he wrote back in 1982 and was found as a B side to his "1999" single!! Being a Prince lover, another reason why I automatically probably fell in love with this song and the electrifying voice of Ms. Keys.

It is absolutely fantastic to still hear her on the airwaves, as far as I am concerned she is timeless and will be considered one of the greats of RnB!

Oh, the song by the way is "How Come U Don't Call Me" - I went off on a tangent, my bad. I hope this song also brings you down memory lane...and check out how young and cute this video is!! 2001 - BSB: Before Swizz Beatz :)