TGIFF!!!  Yahoo! Hooray! Congrats!! We made it through another long azz week!! Friday is here so you know I gots to flash it back!!!! OH MY GOD!

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Taking it back to 1994!! Where were u??  What were u doing???

Well I can tell u that Busta Rhymes was super duper young then and still had his dreads and also appeared on my fav rap group's single, "OH MY GOD!!" Yes, yes, A Tribe Called Quest.

"Oh My God" is off of Tribe's 3rd album, Midnight Marauders. There once was a time when I had this on CD but I believe someone "borrowed" it and I haven't seen it since!

It's a happy, feel good song and that is the vibe that we should all have today my friends. So, take a look and a listen and enjoy!! And a happy Friday to all of my Capital Region peeps!!!