I'm a 90's baby so I make the cut on growing up in one of the best times of music (least I would say so). Well tomorrow The Reunion Concert is going down at the Palace Theater in Albany NY. Black Rob, Total, 112 , Carl Thomas and Mase !  Its going to be lit. I love Total a lot to this day I still play Total in my car because classic/ timeless music never dies. I mean to say the least the whole line up is pretty fire. Here are some classic's that will forever be lit.

1) "I cant wait for the day that we can be together"


2) " You got me buggin boy .. you bring me so much joy"


3) " Kissing you is all that I been thinking of"


4)  "oh i need to know where we stand"


5) "we can do it anywhere, in the shower both of are bodies dripping wet"


6)" Cupid dosent lie you wont know unless you give it a try"


7) " her eyes said it all"


8) " I had this bad chick uptown she was Whao"


9) " tell me what you from me take a look at what you let me know it fits right here"


10) " the more money we come across the more problems we see"


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