Get Ready for The Reunion Concert
I'm a 90's baby so I make the cut on growing up in one of the best times of music (least I would say so). Well tomorrow The Reunion Concert is going down at the Palace Theater in Albany NY. Black Rob, Total, 112 , Carl Thomas and Mase !  Its going to be lit
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Mase Calls it Quits
Despite reports that Mase and his wife, Twyla Betha, are trying to work things out in their marriage, it appears the Harlem rapper is calling it quits.
Ma$e Controversy
Rapper Ma$e is embroiled in some controversy with his congregation (if we're to believe to TMZ.) Apparently, his worshippers are not feeling the rhymes in his new song.
Free Man
Believe it or not, up until very recently Ma$e was still signed to Bad Boy Records. After 16 long years, Diddy (Bad Boy’s CEO), is finally allowing M-A-dolla’ sign-E walk away.