Danielle Outlaw makes history as she is the first black woman to serve as the next commissioner of the Philadelphia Police Department. Outlaw is the former chief of police in Portland, Oregon, and appointed by Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenny of her new position on Monday, reported from nbcnews.

"I am appointing Danielle Outlaw because I am convinced she has the conviction, courage and compassion needed to bring long-overdue reform to the Department," Kenny states.

Starting February 2020 Outlaws would be leading 6,500 officers in the department with  acting Commissioner Christine Coulter, who took over in August. After Richard Ross the former commissioner was forced to resign after a series of multiple scandals begun to surface around the former commissioner and other department officers. Such as, ignoring sexual harassment within the department, several cases of gender and racial discrimination, reported by Source magazine. He was with the department for 30 years and served as commissioner since January 2016.

What makes the 43 year old qualified for this position? - Well according to nbc reporters, back in her hometown, Oakland, California. She served 20 years in the Oakland Police Department, climbing the ranks in becoming Deputy Chief of Police. In 2015 she was awarded the Gary Hayes Award, a national honor that recognizes leadership in law enforcement. October 2017, another history milestone, she became the first African American woman to be appointed Chief of Police in Portland, Oregon. We wish her and the people of Philadelphia the best.



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