Drake and Future have given us another clue about their upcoming project.

In the early hours of Monday morning (Jan. 6), Drake posted a photo of his computer screen while presumably in a recording studio. The screen has the words "Life is Good. Future + Drake" in yellow text at the end of a video. In the photo, Drizzy tags Future Hendrix and inserts the shifty eyes. Shortly after posting the image, Future reposted Drake's story.


Neither artist indicates whether "Life is Good" is a song or a project. However, it appears to be a subtle sign of what's to come from the dynamic duo.

The last time we heard an update about the pair's follow-up to What a Time to be Alive was a few months ago when Future posted a snippet of a song that apparently features Drake in it. Then in April 2019, the Save Me rapper uploaded a video to his Instagram story featuring him and "War" MC during their time backstage at the O2 Arena after Drake brought Future out. In the video, the two hint that What a Time to be Alive 2 is in the works.

"What's that? We gotta cook that up. That two," Drake says in the video while holding up two fingers. Future then responds, "It's already cooked. Top secret."

The apparent latest update on Drizzy and Hendrix's new project came shortly after Drake used his IG story to open up about "War," and his intentions for the song.

"Just wanna say this for my city in regards to the song 'War.' My goal is to always uplift and show love to rappers that are buzzing and gaining the world's attention," Drake wrote in part. "My goal is to use our talks that we all use without having it feel like I am taking sides. My goal is to make anyone feel like with the right songs and the right team and the right amount of drive and focus they can push past the darkness and be able to provide for their people and create a legacy."

There's still no confirmation on when Drake and Future's next project will be released.

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