Fans have been waiting over a year and a half for Lil Uzi Vert's Eternal Atake album. After months of label issues, pump fakes and unfulfilled promises, the former XXL Freshman may finally be ready to release the long-awaited sophomore LP.

The release of Uzi's new "Fusal Shuffle 2020" single in December was the first sign the Philly rapper had renewed positive vibes about the release.

"The Single that I’m going with From Eternal Atake is a Dance Record called FUTSAL," he revealed on Twitter. "THE DANCE IS CALLED THE FUTSAL SHUFFLE."

Released on Dec. 13, the synth and bass-driven dance track produced by Brandon Finessin, Starboy, Mayyzo and Loesoe sparked a movement on Instagram.

In the days since the song's release, Uzi has been much happier than he was during the doldrums of album delays as he continued to promote the single on social media. On Thursday (Jan. 2), he sent supporters into a frenzy with a cryptic response to a fan question.


"You smart as fuck," the rapper responded.

The album failed to drop on Friday (Jan. 3) as some hoped it would but the promising response seemed hopeful.

On Saturday night (Jan. 4), LUV posted and later deleted what many fans believe to be the album's cover art. The image features a large spaceship, what looks to be a Stonehenge statue and a large congregation of people marveling at both, while a figure descends from the aircraft.

LilUziVert via Instagram
LilUziVert via Instagram

A short time later, Uzi erased all of his Instagram photos and replaced them with four images of women wearing purple garments with flowers in their hair. There is no caption on the photos to provide context.

Fan sleuths have pointed out the fact that all the women are wearing keys around their waists and the correlation between the key from the Heaven's Gate cult logo-themed logo Uzi first revealed when announcing the album.

Someone else pointed out the similarities between the purple garments the women are wearing with the shrouds the members of the Heaven's Gate cult were covered with after committing mass suicide in 1997. Uzi seemed to acknowledge the comparison in one tweet. However, in a since-deleted post, he shot down the speculation that the two were related.

Most recently, Lil Uzi retweeted Adamn Killa's post that read, "I’m thirsty for eternal atake."

All signs point to our EA craving being quenched sooner than later. Time will tell.

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