So we got through the holidays and now we looking for those W2’s.  Well doesn’t matter if you got your W2’s from your employer right now because you still have to wait to file your taxes.

January 27th is the first day you can file your taxes.  Now remember last year the government was playing around with dates, and didn’t know when they would start accepting them.  I clearly remember some folks complaining about having to wait to file when they had their W2’s early in the year.  Well here’s a tip: you can still file your taxes through any one of the programs like Tax Act or Turbo Tax or the IRS Free File program now, but it will not be accepted by the IRS until January 27th.  Why wait until the 27th to submit everything, there is going to be millions of American’s doing that which can cause a delay.

Keep in mind the government switches up like the weather, they say January 27th, but who knows the way our 2020 has started off with possible War looming.  Ya’ll do know that your refund (for those that are lucky enough to get one is a refund of any overpayment on taxes throughout the year.  I prefer to have all my money up front thru the year…but everyone is different.  If you are use to getting large refunds then you need to check yourwithholding on your payroll checks to make sure you aren’t overpaying the IRS.

Who got their W2’s already?!

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