Yikes!!!  As if Karma didn’t start off the new year with a huge bite!

Nick’s brother confirmed that he passed away on New Years Day from an overdose.  His death is literally 3 years after he was found responsible in a wrongful death suit of Whitney Houston‘s daughter Bobbi Christina Brown.   Everybody who was involved with Whitney at the time of her death is now dead. 

A tragic story all around, seeing how bad Whitney, Bobbi & Nick struggled with drugs.  All of them lived together and were obviously junkies that struggled with their addiction.  It makes me wonder if anyone truly tried to help any of them.  Family & friends who stay silent when there is such a huge amount of drugging going on is just sad, all 3 of them died from overdosing like a domino effect. 

Social media isn’t feeling any type of sympathy for Gordon as most blame him for Bobbi Christina’s overdose.  But let’s keep in mind that Whitney was doing drugs with her teen daughter before she even met Nick Gordon.  Folks can play the blame game all day and try to blame Bobby Brown for Whitney’s drug addiction, blame Whitney for her daughters drug addiction, and then Nick for Bobbi’s death.  But fact of the matter is that when Whitney passed, Bobbi struggled with not having her mother.  When all you know is drugs, this is what you use to cope with the sadness of the world, including the death of a loved one.

Only 30 years old, so sad for his family.  Hard drugs make you face things you've been ignoring a whole lifetime.  Oddly enough, everyone that was in the house when Bobbi died, is now dead from overdosing.  People have been talking about the Whitney Houston conspiracy claiming that all these deaths are blood sacrifices.  I don't subscribe to that theory but something strange is going on, this is going to become a modern day ghost story. 

If you are struggling with an addition or know of someone who is, you can get help!  Every life is worth living. 

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