Why not work out while enjoying the scenery of Albany?

Amid An Unseasonably Rainy Summer, Warm Weather Draws New Yorkers To Parks
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While some people enjoy being in the gym to get there exercise, others don’t find the gym motivational enough and prefer to exercise outdoors! “Fitness at the Plaza,” a new outdoor fitness program will be starting on July 11 and continue until August 31, offering free fitness classes to people in the Capital Region (News 10).

The classes will be open to everyone interested regardless of age or fitness level. Tuesday’s workouts will differ from Thursday’s workouts as each day will be targeting something different.  Classes will be held at the Empire State Plaza in Albany every Tuesday and Thursday of each week, from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. What better way to exercise than outside, enjoying the beautiful Albany scenery. Signing up is free and you can go to the classes whenever you’d like. Click here to pre-register!




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