Now that Cassie has been promoted to Diddy’s official girl, can she look forward to meeting him at the altar someday? For now the answer appears to be NO.

Diddy Cassie
Larry Busacca, Getty Images

While promoting his new fragrance, 3AM, on “Watch What Happens Live,” Diddy said he isn’t ready to tie the knot.

“It’s the whole thing of … I think you have to be ready for it,” he said. “There’s somebody else’s heart involved and that’s a lot of responsibility. And I don’t want to be going to courts and having somebody be like interfere in my relationships so I rather just do the Goldie Hawn.”

Hawn and Kurt Russell have avoided marriage after 32 years of dating.

Although a trip down the aisle for Diddy is less likely to happen, Diddy said he’s willing to enter an agreement that yields financial benefit should things go wrong.

“I will commit to a contract — a love contract.”

Diddy has every right to feel this way. He makes a lot more money than any woman that he will date. It seems like this is a very rational choice for Diddy, and it sounds like it is in the best interest of Cassie as well. People have become accustomed to a certain type of lifestyle. Ladies: would you settle for a love contract vs. a conventional wedding?

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