Word on the streets is its a wrap between Diddy and Cassie. The couple both come out and say their relationship ended months ago, but they are just making this information available to the public.

Cassie and Diddy have been associated with each other for over a decade. Rumor is the couple started dating after Diddy snatched her up from her boyfriend and producer Ryan Leslie. They say how a relationship starts is how it ends, so people have been specualating for years that Diddy and Cassie would not last.

It still amazes me how people are caping for Cassie and throwing Diddy under the bus. The main theme I saw on social media is how Diddy wasted Cassie's time for over a decade. Huh?This was so confusing to me becuase if it wasn't for Diddy, no one would even be mentioning Cassie's name anymore. She had one song that was popular in 2003, cheated on her producer boyfriend with Diddy, and has been known as Diddy's girlfriend ever since.

Cassie has traveled the world, attended all of Diddy's high end parties, lived a lavish lifestyle, and was able to accomplish her goal of being a model. She probably is still very well off financially thanks to Diddy and more.

How could Diddy have wasted her time when he changed her life for the better? She should be thanking Diddy for the time he allowed her to spend with him.

What do you think was this relationship a waste of time for Cassie?

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