Bad news for people who don't like to wear seatbelts. Governor Cuomo plans to expand the seatbelt mandate to include adults who sit in the back seat. I wasn't aware that you didn't have to wear a seatbelt if you are over 16
According to the New York State Governer's office.

Governor Cuomo announced plans to extend the seatbelt mandate to include adults in the back seat of a motor vehicle in his 2019 budget proposal.

The law currently says anyone in the back seat under the age of 16 must buckle up.

Do you think this law is about saving lives or keeping people safe? Why was this announced during the budget proposal? The state stands to make a lot of money from people not buckling up. Either way, your seatbelt is important. It's been proven that buckling up has lowered fatal accidents since seatbelt laws have been enacted. You shouldn't need the government to enforce common sense.

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