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It’s no surprise that driving has become increasingly dangerous over the years. With the behind the wheel use of cellular devices, alcohol, and drugs, crashes have become increasingly normal. However, crashes have unfortunately resulted in many fatalities and personal injuries. It’s important to look at information regarding vehicle crashes in order to fully understand the extent to which this occurs and why it is important to drive safely.

Recent data from the Traffic Safety Statistical Repository (TSSR) breaks down crash data by county and municipality in New York. The data collected in the report shows the number of crashes reported per community that resulted in fatalities, personal injury or property damage from 2009 to 2015. Click to view full report.

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In addition, the TSSR also provides information on comprehensive ticket reports at statewide and county levels, showing the overall numbers of traffic tickets issued and separate totals for speeding, cell phone, texting, safety restraints, and impaired driving citations.

The Traffic Safety Statistical Repository project was designed and implemented by the University at Albany's Institute for Traffic Safety Management and Research (ITSMR) and funded by the Governor's Traffic Safety Committee. The more informed we are of something, the more we can learn to prevent and avoid it. Albany, NY ranked number in the highest average of reportable crashes from 2009-2015 at 3,342 almost half of Colonie which ranked second with 1,830 crashes. Surprising to you? Check out the list below for the top 10 cities with the most reported crashes.

1. Albany - 3,342

2. Colonie- 1,830

3. Schenectady- 1,399

4. Saratoga Springs- 1,011

5. Clifton Park- 755

6. Troy- 749

7. Guilderland- 692

8. Rotterdam- 600

9. Bethlehem- 578

10. Halfmoon- 441


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