A car drove right through the window of the Rotterdam-Schenectady Dialysis Center on Wednesday afternoon.

The Daily Gazette reports it happened just before 1pm. The center is located in the Woodlawn Plaza on State Street. The 71 year old driver of the car said she was on her way to the bottle redemption center in the same plaza when she accidently hit the gas instead of the brake, sending the car straight into the dialysis center.

The car went through the front window of the center, where there were reportedly seventeen people receiving treatment at the time. Four patients were treated on site and two others were taken care of by EMT's, but nobody was reportedly taken to the hospital. The driver of the car was uninjured, but told the Gazette she was 'shaken up'.

According to an employee at the center, there were fifteen more people scheduled to come in for treatment Wednesday afternoon and they were assessing whether or not that would still be possible. The damage was still being looked over by building inspectors. Obviously there will need to be some work done to the front of the building and some clean-up inside.

Just last week a van plowed through the front window at Rookie's Sports Bar on Van Vranken Avenue in Schenectady (security video here). There were no reported injuries in that crash, although the security camera video shows just how close the van came to hitting a gentleman sitting at the bar. They're still working on repairs.

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