This is a friendly reminder from your fav super hero!! We have some talented mofos here in the Albany area and there is a plethora of live shows and events for all to enjoy and attend! Bottles & Beats is going down tonight kids!!


Again your hardworking, amazing lyricist and xtra friendly host SHYSTE! will be welcoming you into his home of fresh music and lyrics tonight at Bogies for Bottles & Beats!! It goes down the last Thursday of every month, so get there!

Tonight’s August edition jumps off at 10pm with featured guests PJ Katz and Stephen Struss taking over the stage. This live duo is going to demonstrate their skillz on the keyboard and drums, ya know, real, musical instruments that need to be kept in the classrooms? That’s a whole other blog for another day.


I don’t want to hear there’s nothing to do in Albany, there’s no music scene, etc. etc. because there sure is, and I will continue my best to keep you all informed my friends!



Check out these bad ass boys tonight at Bogies, I DARE YOU!


Also, check out the music line up at Bogies below:


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