For the record, I have been showing Hump Day some love long before this dam Geico camel! But anyhow, Happy freakin Hump Day!!! Weekend is almost here as we get over this hump of a day, and got a 518 music event to tell you about that you may want to pencil into your weekend plans!!


This Friday you should go on down to Bogie's in Albany to check on out Dephyant & Raw Threat's album release party...The new album - "Dirty Pairadice" (get it? I hope so) should be added to your music collection and not only can you pick it up at this show and show your local music support as you should kids...

You can also check out these boyz slaughther the microphone with their skills along with other crazy ass lyricists sharing the stage! (when I say "crazy ass", this is one big, old complement by the wayz!) Just to name a few...not that I like throwing names around but gotta show some love to - Animal Cracker! Mic Lanny! Mista Pigz! Dee Jay Tone! And the rest of the crew that will be taking over Bogie's...along with Alpha Faktion, Mike Arson, and Stillborn Identity & Baker!

Soundz like a perfect Friday night doesn't it? Instead of sitting home watching Family Guy reruns and eating some shitty Chinese food and sipping on a Budweiser don't it? Get outta the house this Friday night and show some love and support to our local music scene!! Hell yeah!