Since I’ve lived in New York, I’ve seen so many people's licenses get suspended ranging from drunk driving to getting too many traffic tickets.

Apparently lawmakers are trying to do something to help people from getting their licenses suspended and them eventually getting arrested for minor traffic infractions.

According to WHEC, There's a new state bill that would end suspending licenses for people who don't pay the fines. This doesn’t mean you can just speed or break traffic laws with no consequences, people who are just blatant with a lot of points will still be suspended and arrested.

Also, people who commit a crime like drunk driving or vehicular manslaughter will still be arrested and license suspended

The majority of people who have suspended driver's licenses are because of unpaid tickets. Suspending these people's licenses is pointless because it just makes things harder to pay the fines because the offenders can't drive to work, school or even court.

What do you think about the current suspension system? I know several people who have served jail time for unpaid tickets.

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