It is that time or year again in the Capital Region: pothole dodging season.

And you know exactly what I am talking about because they sneak up on ya. You will be happily driving down the street, and out of nowhere a swimming pool size pothole appears. Then you have that split-second decision.

No cars around? You do a swerve reminiscent of a NASCAR driver warming up their Good Year's, dodge that pothole, breathe a sigh of relief and happily move on down the road.

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Or, there is the more likely scenario, which as luck would have it, occurs 99 percent of the time. You need to stay the course and you hit that pothole head on, resulting in a front wheel alignment appointment or a flat tire. Heck, you could practically pull your car into that baby to change a flat!

Yes, this scenario plays out all to often all over the Capital Region. And it turns out one local city is among the worst in the nation when it comes to potholes:

Albany, New York, USA
Sean Pavone

Albany Among Worst Cities Nationwide For Potholes

Yes, good 'ol Albany has so many craters on its roadways it is like driving across the moon. According to Quotewizard Albany is the 25th worst city on the nation for potholes and New York state as a whole is 10th worst in the country. Buffalo also ranked pretty high on this list landing at number 20 overall nationwide. Quotewizard based their rankings on " data for pothole-related complaints and repairs for each city going back to 2004."

I guess if you ware going to be bad at something, it all makes sense to go all in be among the worst of the worst. And thanks to all the snow and rock salt every year, we do potholes better than most in Albany!

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