Most people hate traffic circles. If you are also an avid concert goer and hate traffic circles, you really are going to dislike this.

I say that because the new traffic circle is going in the intersection right at Upstate Concert Hall. But in all reality, why does everyone hate traffic circles? They speed up traffic usually from what I have experienced. The hate surely has to be from the fact that almost nobody uses them correctly. Most people just drive through nearly causing an accident.

Saratoga County really loves traffic circles though don't they? No matter where you drive in Malta, you are sure to pass through one. Now a $3.3 million dollar project to add one at the intersection of Rt. 146 and Vischer Ferry Road will be complete by fall.

What do you think? To me, I really don't mind it. I however seem to be abnormal in the fact that I like traffic circles.

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