Worst Luck Ever
A man survived a car crash yesterday on I-787, he flipped his car into a tractor-trailer. He was pinned underneath of the tractor-trailer, firefighters had to cut away the flatbed, the car was stuck under.
Why Is There A Long Black Tube Across The Road?
I know this has happened to you. You are driving down the road and all of a sudden you see this black long tube all the way across it. You drive over it with no problem but then you wonder, what the heck is that black tube used for and why on this road?
Bridge Closing Information During Sandy
Gov Cuomo has just announced that the Tappan Zee Bridge near New York City will close at 4PM today (10/29) due to the high winds associated with Sandy. If you're wondering about any possible bridge closings in the Albany area, New York State has a twitter account setup that will display informa…
Traffic Delays At The Twin Bridges
If you were pounding your steering wheel or cursing to yourself while stuck in Northway traffic last weekend you weren’t alone. I was stuck in the ruckus myself last weekend. Construction will continue on the northbound side for five of the next six weekends.
Albany Area Traffic Hot Spots This Week Because Of Road Work
Traffic may continue to be an issue in the Albany area this week with road work happening throughout the region. You might want to plan on leaving early when traveling through potential traffic spots. The good news is you’ll get to spend more time with your favorite station, HOT 99.1…