Camron is coming to the Capital Region tonight at Upstate Concert Hall on his Purple Haze 2 Tour. Camron is definitely a legend in the game. when judging a legend everyone has their own individual top 5.

Camron has been in the music game since 1997 so there are a lot of songs in his catalog. If I had to narrow down my favorite Camron songs it would be off of one album and that is Purple Haze but Camron has been critically acclaimed long before Purple Haze dropping in 2004.

Camron's top 5 will be debated through out Hip Hop history forever.  Killa Cam is probably one of the most influential artist in Hip Hop in the early 2000's in my opinion bigger than Jay-Z. Lets run down some of Camron's most acclaimed music this isn't my personal top 5 but the Top 5 based off of stats.

Camron Ft Juelz Santana - Oh Boy

Camron - Hey Ma

Camron Ft Kanye West

Camron Ft Ma$e

Camron - What Means The World To You.

Listen all day to win your last minute tickets to see Camron at the Upstate Concert Hall.

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