In today's #BLANKSTARENEWS A 911 dispatcher has "reassigned" after he told an emotional 13-year-old girl to "stop whining" as her father lay dying after a hit-and-run. The 911 call came in Sunday after a car hit Rick Warrick, 38, of Washington, DC, and his fiancee as they changed a tire on a highway about halfway between Washington and Baltimore. The driver of the car that hit the couple fled.


Dispatcher: “Ma’am! Ma’am! Please stop yelling! Stop yelling, please!” “So two people were struck?”

Caller: “Yah, they both laying, they just laying.”

Caller: “My father’s laying on her… and they’re just laying there. They’re just laying there. There’s nothing.”

Dispatcher: “Ok. Let’s stop whining. Ok? Let’s stop whining. It’s hard to understand you.”

Dispatcher: “Is there someone else there I can talk to because it’s so hard to — ”

Caller: “It’s only my little brother! It’s only my little brother and I’m talking better than him right now!”

People just become insensitive when they deal with things on a day to day basis. I think it is good he was re assigned maybe a vacation is in order to. R.I.P. to the girls father that has to be a traumatizing event to watch your father die on the side of the road.

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