In Today's #BLANKSTARENEWS: a man currently on the run from the police in Ohio wasn't happy with the mug shot they had on file for him so he sent them a Selfie for them to use.

Donald Pugh, 45, is currently on the run from police after failing to appear in court, but the Ohio fugitive came out of hiding to submit a selfie to police after they posted a "terrible" mugshot.

The Ohio man contacted police via Facebook with a selfie and a message that read:

Here is a better photo that one is terrible.

In an interview with a local radio station Mr. Pugh said

Man, they just did me wrong. They put a picture out that made me look
like I was a Thundercat...or James Brown on the run. I can't do that.

I agree with him the mug shot is terrible but wouldn't that help people not to recognize you so you can get away? He might as well turn him self in playing around like this is only going to get him caught.