Apparently the Saratoga Sheriff’s Department can multitask. While the whole country has been dealing with riots, looting, protests, and a pandemic, Saratoga Sheriff’s Department was still diligently investigating a recent shooting spree that involved several suspects.

On May 11, while numerous people were sleeping in two houses on Hollow Road in the Town of Day, 46-year old Kenneth Burdick and 28-year old Alex Shippee opened fire on the houses. Police have not formally announced their theory on why these two guys decided to shoot at the houses, but fortunately, no one was injured in either shooting.

It’s really a shame that the residents of the houses were just like the rest of us, dealing with a stay at home order issued by Governor Cuomo. Thankfully the officers have been working on this case, even though they were certainly very busy dealing with so many other issues going on today.

According to News 10 Police believe that the two men arrested were not the only ones who were involved in the shootings. Charges were filed for both men. Both were charged with two counts of felony first- degree reckless endangerment. Both men were released on appearance tickets. The others involved in the shootings should not feel comfortable just yet. The investigation is still ongoing and police expect more arrests to come.

I don’t know if the suspects thought that they could get away because the houses are on a dead-end road. I don’t know if they thought everybody was so consumed with COVID-19 that they wouldn’t really look for them, but one thing is for sure, the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Department did not give up until they captured at least some of the criminals.

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