When a worried mother called the Colonie Police Department she could never imagine what that call would lead to.

According to CBS 6, around 5:30 on Sunday morning a worried mom called the Colonie Police because she did not know where her 17-year-old daughter was. The mom stated that she was concerned that her daughter was at a hotel with an older man using drugs. The distraught mother believed that her daughter was at the Red Roof Inn on Wolf Road.

Officers from the Colonie Police Department went to the Red Roof Inn on Wolf Road and located the girl. They safely reunited the 17-year old girl with her worried mother. The teenager was found at the hotel with 25-year old Pierre D Gary of Zephry Hills, Florida.

When the police officers first questioned Mr. Gary he lied about his identity. Once Mr. Gary’s identity was confirmed, officers discovered that he was wanted on a felony probation warrant out of Pasco County, Florida.

The police officers were able to obtain a consent warrant to search the room. Once inside, they discovered that Mr. Gary was in possession of guns and drugs. Police recovered a Taurus 9MM handgun that was loaded with an additional round. Mr. Gary also had an extra 32 round magazine for the gun as well as a small quantity of marijuana.

Pierre Gary was arrested and charged with one count of second-degree and one count of third-degree criminal possession of a weapon (felony offenses). He was also charged with criminal impersonation, violation of marijuana possession, and being a fugitive from justice (misdemeanor offenses). Mr. Gary was arraigned and ordered held.

The teenager probably doesn’t realize it yet, but she is very fortunate to have such a concerned mother. Hopefully one day soon she will look back on this incident, and see that her mother probably saved her from serious harm.

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