Today's Donkey Of The Day is Kyrhys Devoe or "Tuggzie", who has undergone several procedures to make his face look like a selfie filter. With almost half a million followers Kyrhys Devoe or "Tuggzie" to his fans makes his living through Instagram. Like others in his generation of social media influencers, he's on a constant quest for physical perfection. "We all want to have smooth skin, we all want to have high cheekbones, we all want to have frozen faces, we just want to look perfect," Devoe said.

Devoe spends at least an hour editing each selfie using apps like Facetune and Airbrush. He's also part of a new trend which is seeing the Snapchat selfie look spill over into real life. "I want to be a Bratz doll, a living Bratz doll," he said.

This is ridiculous absolutely Donkey behavior

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