So the Florida craziness has finally made its way to Upstate New York. Most of the craziest people in the world reside in Florida and the Bronx according to Charlamagne the God. Well, the Florida madness has made its way to the Capital Region. A naked man broke into a downtown building just to pull the fire alarms and get arrested

Here is how it happened according to Times Union.

A naked man was arrested Saturday for allegedly breaking into a downtown building, pulling its fire alarms and causing damage to an office, the State Police said Tuesday.

Porter G. Denson Jr., 34, of Davenport, Florida, allegedly broke into 40 North Pearl St. at 8:21 p.m. on Saturday, police said.

What is going on here? Why would you do this on an evening on a Saturday, downtown is a ghost town around this time. If he really wanted to expose him self he wouldve done it during the day, this is a pointless crime.

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